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Title : Islam online

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Islam online is a website that provides information primarily for the transnational Muslim community, though it will be of interest to students and researchers in Islamic and religious studies. It was established and is supported by the conservative Egyptian scholar Yusuf al-Qaradawi, and is available in English and Arabic versions. The site provides extensive coverage of news and current events related to Islam and the Muslim world, and has a large interactive section where al-Qaradawi and others provide opinions and fatwas in response to user questions. These opinions, arranged by subject and in a searchable fatwa bank, are found in the Living Shari'ah section of the website. This section also contains other resources like Hadith collections; Friday sermons; searchable Qur'an texts; and articles about various issues. The rest of the site is devoted to articles and more extensive reports on issues pertaining to Muslim life and society under subjects like health and science; family; art and culture; youth; and Euro-Muslims. The site is professionally produced and provides information on a wide range of topics for audiences of all levels, though users should be aware of the conservative perspective of the articles and opinions.


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