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Title : Gyula Klima : Yale lectures

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This website, developed and maintained by Gyula Klima, a professor of philosophy at Fordham University, makes available the lecture notes he used whilst teaching an introductory philosophy course for Yale's Directed Studies Programme from 1991 to 1993. Topics covered are as follows: 'Plato on immortality in his "Phaedo"'; 'Isagoge'; 'De Bono: Boethius' "De Hebdomadibus"'; 'St Thomas on Boethius' "De Hebdomadibus"'; 'St Thomas Aquinas on being and essence' (lecture notes and handout); 'Causa prima'; 'The last scholastic: Descartes'; and 'The vanishing of substance'. This resource is suitable for those seeking a user-friendly introduction to these subjects. Anyone wishing for a more in-depth discussion of some of these topics is directed to Professor Klima's list of publications, which can also be accessed from this site.


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