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Title : George Berkeley (1685 - 1753)

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This is a list of electronic resources on the life and works of Bishop George Berkeley (1685-1753), compiled by mathematician David Wilkins. There is a selection of both short and long biographies of Berkeley, and links to complete versions of Berkeley's texts, a number of which Wilkins has prepared himself for electronic distribution. There is also a separate section on the Analyst controversy -- Berkeley's attack on the method of mathematical analysis employed by Isaac Newton (1643-1727) and others. The original attack, plus various responses and counter-responses to it are all made available here, along with brief introductory comments that situate the writings in the context of the debate. This site is notable in its inclusion of important works by Berkeley, which are here often made available in different editions where they exist, and in a variety of electronic formats. Editions and versions used are clearly indicated, and the site is easy to navigate.


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