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Title : Notes on the existence of God

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'Notes on the Existence of God' was written by Don Mannison (formerly an academic at the University of Queensland, Australia) shortly before his death in 1989. The paper, which is divided into five parts, is a philosophical examination of belief in God. He explained in the first part that "what is of interest here is not the causal background of an individual's (or of a group's) religious convictions, but rather, an examination of the nature and implications of the beliefs themselves, and the possible type of epistemological foundation they might have". He dedicated the second part of the paper to traditional arguments for the existence of God and here he looked at the cosmological, design, and ontological arguments. The third part deals with "problems arising from the traditional concept of God" and the fourth concentrates on the argument for the existence of God from "personal experience", before bringing the discussion to a close in the fifth section with some concluding observations. An interesting resource for students of religion.


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Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999)

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