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Title : Bas C. van Fraassen

Description :
Bas van Fraassen is an influential philosopher of science and philosophical logic, currently at Princeton University. This, his personal website, contains a wealth of information both professional and personal. A CV, a teaching section, a thorough bibliography of publications and the full text of articles, are offset by pictures of rock climbing and the family cats. Van Fraassen has also compiled bibliographies of articles and reviews pertaining to several of his books. Some excerpts and reviews are in PDF. Van Fraassen is a prolific and wide-ranging philosopher, who has written on science, logic, semantics, epistemology, metaphysics, art, literature and religion. This site would be of use to anyone interested in keeping tabs on his vast and continuing contributions to philosophy.


Controlled Keywords : philosophy; metaphysics; epistemology;

Language : eng;

Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999); 2000 - present;

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