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Title : Value of knowledge : a miniature library of philosophy

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The Miniature Library of Philosophy website provides a large collection of primary source readings which together trace the history of the modern intellectual climate, beginning with Galilei Galileo (1564-1642) and ending with contemporary post-modern theory. While ostensibly the history of modern western philosophy is the main linking theme between the texts chosen, there is a strong bias towards Marxism and socialism, which is not surprising given that this collection is part of the vast Marxist Internet Archive. Other topics covered include the philosophy of mathematics, psychology, science, epistemology, social science, existentialism, and phenomenology, and post-structuralism. The readings are indexed by theme, and alphabetically by author, and a site search facility can be found at the bottom of the home page. A broad spread of philosophical topics is addressed, and there are links to biographical information on some of the philosophers, along with analysis and a glossary. Also available is a set of links to other pages of interest, including resources on ethics, politics, feminism, Marxism, and Hegel. While the site uses frames, a no-frames version is provided. This site was compiled by Andy Blunden, an independent scholar from Australia. It would be of use to students and researchers looking for key texts in the history of western philosophy.


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