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Title : Elpenor : home of the Greek word

Description :
Elpenor is a website which offers a bilingual anthology of Greek literature, featuring extracts of texts written in ancient, New Testament and modern Greek and accompanied by English translations. These are easily accessible and manageable chunks of original Greek works which could be used as a language learning tool. Both prose and poetry appear here, with featured authors including (among many others): Homer; Thucydides; Aristophanes; Plato; Origen; Plotinus; Gregory of Nyssa; and Cavafy. The site also offers a course in the Greek language, from learning the alphabet to the basics of Greek grammar, accompanied by extracts from original texts. A further section, entitled Libraries, offers: extracts from post-classical authors referring to classical themes or texts (this will be of use to those with an interest in the modern reception of the ancient world); Greek pronunciation audio files; extracts from secondary texts on aspects of the ancient world; a section dedicated to Constantinople; and an image gallery of paintings of Greece. The website also provides a discussion forum, and links to downloadable fonts to enable the user to read or write Greek. Whilst the site offers a range of useful resources, the presence of several advertisements on every page is distracting for the academic user and can make it tedious to navigate.


Uncontrolled Keywords : modern Greek literature; classical reception studies; classical tradition; classics in translation; parallel texts;

Language : eng; ell; grc;

Period : 750 - 1 BCE; 1 BCE - 500 CE; 18th Century; 19th Century; 20th Century (1900 - 1945); 20th Century (1946 - 1999); 2000 - present;

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