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Title : Rural women, population and development in Lusophone African countries

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This website provides a large bibliography of secondary print material for the study of gender relations with respect to the population, agriculture and rural development of Portuguese-speaking African countries, namely Angola; Cape Verde; Guinea-Bissau; Mozambique; and São Tomé and Príncipe. The site outlines the reasons for compiling such a bibliography and the methodology employed: the texts included are refereed works in Portuguese, produced since 1981, and are available for consultation in Lisbon. The bibliography is divided into two parts. The first contains separate sections for each country listed above with references grouped under particular topics such as gender in family relations, women and migration, and women's and children's livelihoods. The second contains the same references but grouped under keywords. For each reference, the bibliography provides an English translation of the Portuguese title and an annotation informing on the nature and purpose of the text; how rural women, population and development figure in the text; and the substance and findings of the text. Clearly structured and informative, this will be a crucial resource for those working on the area studies of Lusophone African countries.


Uncontrolled Keywords : methodology of preparing and annotated thematic bibliography; gender relations; migration in Africa; gender relations in Africa

Controlled Keywords : Portugal; Cape Verde; Guinea Bissau; Mozambique; São Tomé and Prínicipe; Angola;

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