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Title : Lyle Zynda's lectures on the philosophy of science

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Lyle Zynda's Lectures on the Philosophy of Science is a site which posts Zenda's complete lecture notes prepared for the course Introduction to the Philosophy of Science. Lyle Zynda, now an academic at Indiana University South Bend, taught this course at Princeton University in the Spring 1994 semester. His lectures are posted as recommended reading by Stephen Sapp of Iowa State University for Sapp's final year undergraduate course on the Sociology of Technology. There are 24 lectures in all, with the following titles: Introduction ; The Inferential View Of Scientific Explanation; The Causal Theory Of Explanation, Parts I - III; Problems with the Causal Theory Of Explanation; Van Fraassen's Pragmatic View Of Explanation; Carnap vs. Popper; An Overview Of Kuhn's The Structure Of Scientific Revolutions; Paradigms and Normal Science; Anomaly, Crisis, and the Non-Cumulativity of Paradigm Shifts; Incommensurability; Laudan on Kuhn's Theory of Incommensurable Theories; Laudan on the Hierarchical Model of Justification; Laudan's Reticulated Theory of Scientific Justification; Dissecting the Holist Picture of Scientific Change; Scientific Realism Vs. Constructive Empiricism; Inference To The Best Explanation As An Argument For Scientific Realism; Entity Realism (Hacking & Cartwright); Entity Realism And The 'Non-Empirical' Virtues; Laudan on Convergent Realism; Convergent Realism and the History of Science; and The Measurement Problem, Parts I and II. Academics and postgraduates preparing lectures and seminars on the Philosophy of Science should find this site most informative, as will undergraduates taking similar courses.


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