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Title : Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum. A digital library of Latin literature

Description :
The Corpus Scriptorum Latinorum (CSL), part of the Forum Romanum site, is a collaborative project among scholars from a variety of disciplines with the main purpose of creating a digital library of the entire body of Latin literature, including translations and commentaries. This resource represents the first phase of this project by providing a comprehensive index to all available text editions on the Internet together with supplementary texts and resources. The website can be searched by author, title, genre or date, or browsed by author; other indices are still being compiled so are not yet available for browsing. The list of available authors and writings is impressive, from the earliest inscriptions recording the Latin language to Neo-Latin writers of the 18th century, although many texts remains to be added and the editors solicit contributions from interested scholars.

Other links provide access to secondary sources which are out of copyright; these include Johnson's 'Private life of the Romans' (1903), Morley's 'Outline of Roman history' and Buck's Grammar of Oscan and Umbrian (1904), though the latter is now very dated. Individual pages are enhanced by scenes from the ancient world imagined by 18th and 19th century painters. In its present state this resource will benefit more advanced students and scholars of classics and related subjects. The many links to translated texts will also benefit undergraduates, although the latter will need to exercise judgement in using old or out-of-date editions and translations which may not represent modern scholarship.


Language : lat; eng;

Period : 750 - 1 BCE; 1 BCE - 500 CE;

Geographic Name : Europe, Mediterranean Region

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