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Title : Return to Titanic

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The website "Return to Titanic" features a National Geographic multimedia presentation of the 2004 exploration of the Titanic, the famous ocean liner that sank during her maiden voyage (April 1912). The expedition by Dr Robert D. Ballard was chronicled in occasional dispatches, which have been stored on the site. They contain a few pictures taken from the various phases of the mission; more pictures are in the photo gallery, which contains over 50 annotated pictures. A section concentrates on the background of the expedition and includes a video interview with Dr Ballard. Particularly important is the discussion about the preservation of the Titanic. Dr Ballard comments on the degrading that the shipwreck has suffered in the nearly twenty years from his last visit. An interactive section benefits from Macromedia Flash animations to present an annotated picture of the ship on the seafloor. Each section of the Titanic can be illuminated by clicking on it, and a wireframe reconstruction can be superimposed. National Geographic has produced a TV documentary and a preview of it is freely available. Another section of this website offers more pictures for download, in formats suitable for use as computer wallpaper and screensaver. This website can be useful to anybody who is interested in the preservation of shipwrecks, with issues of underwater tourism referenced, or just wants to see the latest pictures of the Titanic. The higher education community may find useful the dispatches to present the organisation and instruments required in a underwater archaeology project.


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