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Title : Old World contacts

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The website "Old World contacts" has been published and compiled by the Applied History Research Group, at the University of Calgary. A caveat is issued that the site is functional but not yet complete. It is part of a series of online tutorials. This tutorial takes as its focus travellers between 330 BCE and 1500 CE. Through the writings and records of merchants, military men, missionaries, and others, it examines the ideas of cross-cultural contacts, the concepts of the 'foreign'. The impact of these ideas and exploration on the Old World is discussed on this site. There is a good bibliography arranged according to themes, such as: Alexander the Great; travel and exploration; Arab medicine; the Huns; and the Crusades. The tutorials can be navigated by time period or by theme, which allows the user to proceed with flexibility. The themes explored in cross-cultural contact include: armies; colonists; merchants and traders; missionaries and pilgrims; diplomats and travellers; and modes of transport. A good site for undergraduate students and for their teachers.


Uncontrolled Keywords : world history; European travellers; travel accounts; silk road; pilgrimages; Muslim travellers; geographic discoveries; otherness; Antiquity; Middle Ages

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