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Title : Gutenberg Bible at the Ransom Center

Description :
The Gutenberg Bible at the Ransom Center is a website that focuses on the copy of the Gutenberg Bible held by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. The Gutenberg Bible was printed in 1454-5, and was the first book to be printed with movable type. This beautifully designed site, hosted by the Ransom Center itself, details the history of the Gutenberg Bible and provides sample digital page images (additionally, a CD-ROM of all 1,282 individual pages of the Center's copy is now available to buy online). Section headings on the site include: Digital Gutenberg Images; The Book before Gutenberg; Johann Gutenberg; The Printing of the Bible; Anatomy of a Page; Selected Passages; and the Digital Gutenberg Project. This site will be helpful to scholars and students in the fields of: book history; theology; medieval studies, and anyone with an interest in incunabula and the history of early printing.


Uncontrolled Keywords : printed; graphic arts; movable type; type-setting; type setting; print-makers; print makers; Gutenberg Bible; mediaeval

Controlled Keywords : University of Texas at Austin, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center; printing; typesetting; printers (people); printmakers; typesetters (people); letterpress printing; German; medieval; incunabula; pi1726

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Period : 15th Century

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