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Title : Sabato Morais ledger

Description :
The Web Site The Sabato Morais ledger is published online by the Schoenberg Center for Electronic Text and Image at the University of Pennsylvania. Sabato Morais (1823-1897) was a Sephardic Jew, born in Livorno, Italy, who became one of the most prominent American Jewish leaders of the 19th century. He was a Hebraist, poet, historian and teacher of note. The scrapbook kept by Morais included newspaper clippings, and circulars stands as an interesting testament to both the time and the man. The site provides a link to the Marvin Weiner catalogue of the Sabato Morais ledger, which describes the history of the ledger. The ledger's contents can be browsed directly and searched through the catalogue index or by keyword. The work is of note because it authenticates much of Morais' anonymous work and articles written under a pseudonym. An excellent site for those interested in nineteenth century America and the Jewish communities of the same period.


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Period : 1823 - 1897; 19th Century

Geographic Name : North America

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