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Title : Aristotle's rhetoric

Description :
This website consists of an online text of Aristotle's Rhetoric and a short bibliography of secondary works. The text used as the basis for this is W Rhys Roberts' English translation of 1954. Each of the three books of the rhetoric is given its own web page, with Roberts' extended indexes linking to precise paragraphs within the work. The entire site may be searched by keyword, and a Bekker index is also included to allow users to access sections of the text using the referencing system based on the definitive text. Although unannotated, the secondary bibliography is extensive, and organised in reverse chronological order of publication (that is, with the most recently-published items listed first). The entire site may also be downloaded in HTML format.


Uncontrolled Keywords : ancient Greek rhetoric; oratory; Aristotelian rhetoric;

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Language : eng;

Period : 350 BC; 750 - 1 BCE

Geographic Name : Europe,Mediterranean Region

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