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Title : Translations in progress

Description :
Translations in Progress is a site devoted to translations (primarily by Robert Levine) of Medieval Latin, Middle French, Modern French, and Modern German literary texts, as well as some medieval texts of an historical nature. The main interest of the site lies in the fact that none of the texts have been translated before. However, all the texts have literary merit, and part of the aim of the site is to make known obscure modern European writers. Many of the translations have been used in undergraduate and graduate courses that Levine has taught, the syllabi of which are available on the site, and there are a number of critical articles on the translated texts. Also included are some Realplayer sound files of poets such as W.B. Yeats and Ezra Pound reading their own translations. Numerous colourful paintings accompany the texts. The home page, however, is poorly laid out, making it difficult to locate contents easily.


Language : frm; lat; deu; fre; eng;

Geographic Name : Europe,Central Europe,Northern Europe

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