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Title : Sources in the National Archives for researching The Great Famine

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The website 'Sources in the National Archives for researching the Great Famine' is an study on the National Archives of Ireland web pages intended as a guide for researchers studying the Great Famine of 1845-1850. Based on an a research article originally published in 'Irish Archives' in 1995 (available from the site as a PDF file), the page offers an introduction to the various archival primary resources that scholars might find useful. The kind of information provided by each resource is explained, along with any inconsistencies or other features of the archive that researchers should be aware of. Other resources, namely articles concerning the administration during the famine are available on this website: the Chief Secretary's office; the Poor Law Commission; the Relief Commission; and the Office of Public Works. These texts are also available in PDF format. The Relief Commission Papers database, 1845-1847 is also published on this site. Related online resources can be found in the Ireland-Australia transportation database and in the article 'Sources in the National Archives for research into the transportation of Irish convicts to Australia (1791-1853)'. This is an authoritative source of documentation with important primary sources made available for researcheres and students of Irish history.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Great Famine; Irish government; 19th century; poor relief; government commissions;

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Period : 1845 - 1850; 19th Century

Geographic Name : British Isles,Ireland

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