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Title : National archaeological museum of Athens

Description :
This is the website for the Greek National Archaeological Museum in Athens. Its collections are representative of all the cultures of classical Greece. Section "the Museum" provides information on the history of the museum and its departments, with some useful information on the library and photographic archive for researchers. Section "collections" will be the most interesting for students: it is organised as a database and selecting a period it will be possible to access the thumbnails of significant artefacts of that period in the collections of the museum. Clicking on individual thumbnails will open a page with a larger picture and a descriptive text. Several sections and features of the website are still "under construction", and navigating on the English pages at the time of review often lead to Greek pages, however, it is sufficient to click on "En" at the very bottom of each page to access the English version of that page. The navigation is simple and intuitive, and most of the artefacts described so famous and essential to anyone interested in Aegean (mostly Cycladic, Mycenaean and Cypriot) and Greek archaeology that none can be singled out here. However, the texts describing the artefacts are perhaps too basic, and therefore useful only to first year undergraduates and younger students.


Controlled Keywords : National Archaeological Museum of Athens; galleries; bronzes; sculpture; pottery; Hellenistic; Greek (Hellenic); museums; Athens--Perifereia Protevousis--Greece;

Language : eng; gre;

Period : 999- 1 BC; 3000 - 1500 BCE; 1500 - 750 BCE

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