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Title : Oriental Institute : The University of Chicago

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This is the website of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago. The goals of the Institute are to document and study the languages, history and cultures of the ancient Near East. The site includes a link to an Index to Ancient Near Eastern Resources on the Internet (ABZU), now run in partnership with Etana, and information about research, projects and publications. The Oriental Institute Museum is a showcase of the history, art and archaeology of the ancient Near East. The Museum exhibits major collections of antiquities from Egypt, Mesopotamia, Iran, Syria, Palestine, and Anatolia. Highlights from these collections are displayed online.


Controlled Keywords : University of Chicago, Oriental Institute; Egyptian; museums; bibliographies; higher education; art (fine art); culture; history (discipline); Syrian; Mesopotamian; Palestinian; Anatolian; photographs; archaeology; Syria; Mesopotamia; Takht-e Jamshid--Fars--Iran; Al-Iraq--Karak--Jordan; Suriyah; Asia Minor--Turkey; Anadolu; maps; Middle East;

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