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Title : Worcestershire Domesday database 1066-1086

Description :
This is a Web page detailing the context, range and availability of the 'Worcestershire Domesday Database, 1066-1086' dataset hosted by the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS), based at the UK Data Archive University of Essex (formerly part of the Arts and Humanities Data Service - AHDS). This database contains information compiled from the Worcestershire Domesday Book. The data is available to order from the HDS as a SPSS portable file or tab delimited text file. From this Web page you may download a PDF of images of the study documentation. To make use of this dataset you must first register with the HDS, and further information is supplied giving instructions. The main variables are: Number of entry in Worcestershire Domesday book; Where the place is located' Name of Vill; Name of Manor; Owner in 1086; Tenant in 1086; Lord of place in 1066; Owner in 1066; Tenant of place in 1066; Names of Freemen there in 1066; Area; Area ploughed; Number of Ox Teams belonging to Lord; Number of Ox Teams belonging to villeins; Number of other teams mentioned; Total Ox teams; Number of freemen; Number of villeins; Number of bordars; Number of serfs; Number of other people mentioned; Others who are mentioned; Total population; Value in 1086; Value between 1066 and 1086; Value in 1066; Amount of Meadow; Amount of Woodland; Number of mills; Value of mills; Remote property mentioned; Distant places that are part of this Vill.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Elites and leadership - Social stratification and groupings; Agricultural and rural history - History; Economic history - History; Population history - History; Agriculture, forestry and rural industry - Industry and management; Population censuses - Population, vital statistics and censuses; Worcestershire; administrative areas; arable land; bordars; cattle; census data; demographic statistics; Domesday Book; economic value; estates; feudal systems; freemen; grasslands; housing tenure; land ownership; landowners; lords of the manor; mills; population; property, ownership and tenure; serfs; villeins; woodlands; Normams; Saxons; Anglo-Saxons

Language : eng;

Period : 1000 - 1200 CE;

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