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Title : Feeding the city II : demesne agriculture in the London region, 1375-1400

Description :
This is a Web page detailing the context, range and availability of the "Feeding the City II : Demesne Agriculture in the London Region, 1375-1400" dataset hosted by the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS), based at the UK Data Archive University of Essex (formerly part of the Arts and Humanities Data Service - AHDS). The data is available to order from the HDS as a tab delimited texts and DBF databases. From this Web page you may download a PDF of images of the study documentation. To make use of this dataset you must first register with the HDS, and further information is supplied giving instructions. This database was collected as part of the research project 'Feeding the City (II) : London and its Hinterland c. 1300-1400'. The aims of this project were twofold. Firstly, to examine the demands for foodstuffs and fuel generated by London in the later fourteenth century and the impact these demands had on the production and distribution of agrarian products within the metropolitan region. Secondly, to compare these results with those previously generated for the early fourteenth century by the research project 'Feeding the City (I) : London's Impact on the Agrarian Economy of Southern England 1250-1350'.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Economic conditions and indicators - Economics; Agricultural and rural history - History; Economic history - History; Local history - History; Urban history - History; Agriculture, forestry and rural industry - Industry and management

Controlled Keywords : history (discipline); economics; local history (discipline); agriculture; rural areas; urban history; industries (organizations); demesnes; London, England, United Kingdom;

Language : eng;

Period : 1375 - 1400; 14th Century

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