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Title : Kennan Institute - national public radio Russian history audio archive

Description :
The Kennan Institute National Public Radio Russian history audio archive makes available a wide selection of audio recordings covering the period from the February Revolution 1917 to the Yeltsin years. The collection includes: eyewitness recollections; politicians' speeches; Soviet and BBC news reports. Recordings may be in Russian or in English, without transcripts or further explanation, but are good quality, easy to navigate and access. This resource covers seminal moments of Russian history (e.g.: the Leningrad Blockade; the Sputnik launch; Stalin's funeral) and offers excellent primary source material for teachers, students and researchers of Russian history. There are also some history programmes available. Recordings of readings by significant poets, and of Soviet anthems, make this of some interest to students of language and culture.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Bay of Pigs; Cuban missle crisis; coup; Russia; Soviet Union

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Period : 20th Century (1900 - 1945); 20th Century (1946 - 1999);

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