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Title : Database of charters from the Liber de Melros

Description :
This Web page, part of LUDOS - the University of Leeds' library of digital objects - is a prosopographical database of Melrose Abbey charters to the end of 14th century, resulting from the AHRC-funded project 'Survival and Success on Medieval Borders: Cistercian Houses in Medieval Scotland and Pomerania'. The database, based on the Bannatyne Club edition of Melrose Abbey charters (Liber de Melros, ed. C. Innes, vol 1-2, 1837) consists of four related tables: Charter; Location; Names; Persons, which may be downloaded as .csv files. A fuller description of these tables is provided.


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Controlled Keywords : Arts and Humanities Research Council (Great Britain); Melrose Abbey--Scottish Border--Scotland--United Kingdom; charters; prosopographical databases; prosopographies; monasteries; monastic churches; Medieval;

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Period : 1000 - 1200 CE; 13th Century; 14th Century; 15th Century; 1124 - 1457

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