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Title : Two eighteenth-century French periodicals : the Anee Litteraire and the Journal Encyclopedique (1762/3,1773/4,1783/4) : a quantitative study

Description :
This is a Web page detailing the context, range and availability of the 'Two Eighteenth-Century French Periodicals : the Anee Litteraire and the Journal Encyclopedique (1762/3,1773/4,1783/4) : a Quantitative Study' dataset hosted by the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS), based at the UK Data Archive University of Essex (formerly part of the Arts and Humanities Data Service - AHDS). The data is available to order from the HDS as a tab delimited text file. From this Web page you may download a PDF of images of the study documentation. To make use of this dataset you must first register with the HDS, and further information is supplied giving instructions. To provide quantitative data upon which to base an evaluation of the French Enlightenment and of the climate of opinion in France between 1762 and 1787. The basis of the study is an exhaustive examination of two eighteenth century French periodicals. Variables: Journal, year, number of pages of each entry, author, type of entry (book review, article, letter, poem, announcement, news, anecdote), subject matter, whether excerpted, whether translated, language, nature/work, word frequency (words appearing in the titles of books reviewed).


Uncontrolled Keywords : Intellectual history - History; Political history - History; Social history - History; Mass media - Media, communication and language; Europe; France; authors; book reviews; periodicals; titles; content analysis; linguistic analysis

Language : eng;

Period : 18th Century;

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