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Title : Portal to Moroccan Sufism

Description :
This website describes itself as "the first world wide web initiative to create and develop a complete portal to Moroccan Sufism". Many websites that deal with the subject of Moroccan Sufism do so in French, and this is one of the first to do so in English. The author of the website himself is a descendant and devotee of famous Sufi shaykhs of this region, and this website is therefore mainly aimed at people with a personal interest in Sufism. However, the information given here about the various scholars, saints and shariffs (descendents of the Prophet Muhammad) of Morocco is extensive, and would still be of great use for the researcher. Biographies of important figures come with pictures of their tombs and long translations of passages from their works. The 'Hagiography Bank' section also proves quite useful, as one can find such figures listed according to date, place or tariqa (Sufi order) affiliation. In addition to this, newcomers to the subject can also find more general articles on the various aspects of Moroccan Islam and Sufism. For those interested in discussion with fellow admirers or researchers, a forum is available on the website.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Marabouts; Maraboutism; Murabitun; Sharifism; Moroccan Islam; Moroccan Sufism; Tijaniyya; Tasawwuf; Sufiyyah

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Period : ; 8th Century - Present

Geographic Name : Morocco

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