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Title : Official website of the Amman message

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This is the official website of the Amman Message, a declaration released on the 9th of November 2004 by King Abdullah II of Jordan with the stated aim 'of clarifying to the modern world the true nature of Islam'. By bringing together various Muslim sects and schools of thought, it seeks to look beyond divisions and come to an agreement over common issues. A significant amount of attention is given to outlining opposition to violent inter-sectarian disputes as well as terrorism. One can find here a list of religious leaders and scholars who have endorsed the aims of the declaration, as well as fatwas given by authorities in the various Sunni, Shi'i and Ibadi traditions. In the 'Downloads' section, there are a number of e-books discussing topics related to the Amman Message such as the proper conduct of Jihad from the perspective of Islamic law, and the relationship between Islam and democracy. Together with this, the section also contains poems in Arabic written by affiliated scholars, as well public statements made by Muslim leaders against specific terrorist attacks.


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Geographic Name : Amman, Jordan

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