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Title : Official website of a common word

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This is the official website of ‘A Common Word’, a letter drafted and signed by a large group of Muslim scholars, clerics and intellectuals in reaction to the controversy raised by Pope Benedict the XVI’s message in Regensberg on the 13th of September, 2006. The name ‘Common Word’ refers to a Quranic verse (3:64) which calls on followers of other Abrahamic religions to come together with Muslims and agree on common ground and shared values. This document can be found here in numerous languages (including English, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Polish and Indonesian), together with lists of signatories and recipients. The website has special sections for documents related to Christian and Jewish responses, and a ‘News’ section which provides a chronology of events following the release of ‘A Common Word’. The ‘New Fruits’ section has a substantial collection of papers published since then, including conference proceedings. Audio and video recordings of many of the events mentioned above can also be seen in the multimedia section.


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