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Title : Online cultural heritage research environment (OCHRE)

Description :
The “Online Cultural Heritage Research Environment” (OCHRE) is an Internet database system for cultural heritage information available to researchers. OCHRE provides a service available to any scholar. Several projects already use the database, including the Chicago Hittite Dictionary (letters L, M, N, and P available; project directed by Theo van den Hout and Harry Hoffner of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago); The Persepolis Fortification Archive Project (directed by Matthew Stolper of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago); and forthcoming others. The interface is neat and uses Java, but exporting and printing data is still a work in progress. At the time of review, OCHRE had not been fully launched and therefore more improvements can be expected. OCHRE promises to be a great tool for archaeologists and linguists specialising in ancient writings and this is already evident with the contents already available.


Uncontrolled Keywords : cuneiform; Mesopotamia; Elamite; Persia; Hittite; seals

Language : eng;

Period : 5000 - 3000 BCE; 3000 - 1500 BCE; 1500 - 750 BCE;

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