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Title : International forum for Islamic dialogue

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The International Forum for Islamic Dialogue (IFID) is a London-based non-profit organisation which seeks to promote a modern understanding of Islam. It was set up in 1994 and is directed by Dr Najah Kadhim. Accessible in English and Arabic, this website contains articles, information on news and events as well as reports on the following issues: Political Islam; Philosophy of Religion; Women Affairs; Religious Violence; and Quranic Concepts. Access is also given to the latest issues of IFID's publication 'Islam21Monitor'. Works available on the site include those by well-known scholars of Islam like Fazlur Rahman; Tariq Ramadan; John L. Esposito; Abdullahi A. An-Naim; and Karen Armstrong. Some of the materials are presented in PDF. Adobe Acrobat Reader is therefore required to access these. A search engine is available on the site.


Controlled Keywords : International Forum for Islamic Dialogue; Islam;

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Period : 20th Century (1946 - 1999); 2000 - present;

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