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By providing translations, this website aims to create access for the wider English-speaking Muslim public to writings by classical and contemporary Sunni scholarship. For the Islamic Studies student or researcher, this website can provide a look into the living heritage of medieval Sunnism. The Sunni scholarship that the translators of this website are concerned with reflect a more classical approach (described here as 'orthodox'), sympathetic to the approach of speculative theological schools as well as the teachings and practices of Sufis, and are dominantly from the Arab world (or at least wrote in Arabic). A section dedicated to biographies of such scholars can be found, as well as a collection of photographs of scholars from various parts of the Muslim world. Most of the translations given here are in PDF form, and are either from relatively short treatises, or small sections from larger works. In line with the contemporary concerns of traditional Sunni discourse, many of these papers attempt to defend the theological methodology of the Ash'ari and Maturidi schools as well the teachings of Sufism from attacks by more reformist Sunni streams. Although the quality of translation does vary from text to text,the standard of translation is usually good, and transliteration and citations are given in the style found in academic journal. A number of audio and video recordings of lectures in Arabic by contemporary scholars can also be found on this website, as well as an online forum.


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