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Title : Tafseer al-Mizan

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This websites provides the reader with easy access to a translation of substantial parts of the Tafsir al-Mizan. This major exegetical work was produced by one of the foremost Iranian Shi'i religious scholars of the 20th century, Ayatollah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn al-Tabataba'i (1892-1981), and reflects not only his background as a scholar rooted in traditional Shi'i religious thought (including the philosophical teachings of the school of Mulla Sadra), but also more contemporary socio-political concerns (many of his students were influential in the Iranian Revolution of 1979). This translation project still seems to be under progress, and the English translation has not been made from the original Arabic, but from a Persian translation by Saeed Akhtar Rizvi. This still seems to be an ongoing project, as only the first six of the original 20 volumes in Arabic have been translated. Besides the translation, various features can be found on the website, including a search tool, and choice excerpts from the work arranged according to different topics. One can also find a section (through a link to a related website) comparing Tabataba'i with other 20th century exegetical writers, as well as a collection of articles discussing various topics related to Shi'i thought. It should be noted that both the comparative study section and the articles reflect the general approach of the website, which presents Tabataba'i and his thought from a commited Shi'i point of view.


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Period : 1892-1981

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