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Title : Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi 1165AD - 1240AD and the Ibn 'Arabi Society

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This is currently one of the best internet resources in English on the great Andalusian mystic and philosopher Ibn ‘Arabi (1165-1240), also known as the Greatest of Spiritual Masters (Shaykh al-Akbar). The subjects covered include Ibn ‘Arabi’s works, theological and philosophical discussion of themes in his writings, later commentators, and the spread of his teachings. The Muhyiddin Ibn ‘Arabi Society was founded in 1977, and is based in Oxford, with a branch in the United States, and has organised numerous events and publications relating the Ibn ‘Arabi not only addressed to an academic audience, but also a wider group of Ibn ‘Arabi enthusiasts and admirers of his teachings. Information about related events and publications are found here, as well as free podcasts of lectures. Many of the contributors to the website are Ibn ‘Arabi scholars well known in the West, such as Michel Chodkiewicz, William Chittick, Claude Addas and James Morris. These authors and others have contributed original essays and articles for this website, but reproductions of articles from books and journals can also be found here in very readable format. Unfortunately, there are hardly any articles that provide information on his background and historical context, as well as the negative reaction his teachings provoked in some quarters of the Muslim world. Also, works by Ibn ‘Arabi and his commentators are found only in translation, and not in their original languages.


Uncontrolled Keywords : tasawwuf; falsafah; mystical theology; Wahdah al-wujud; Wahdat al-wujud; Unity of Existence; shaykh al-akbar; Akbari school; Akbarian school; Islam in Spain; Andalusia; al-Andalus

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Period : 1000 - 1800 CE

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