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The Mas’ud Ahmed Khan website has evolved substantially from its early origins as a newsgroup run in the 1990s by the administrator. Its resources mainly reflect the interests and concerns of an increasingly vocal and articulate section of British Muslim society interested in reviving a traditionalist Sunni version of Islam, Sufi orientated, and keen on maintaining a strong British identity (one section is dedicated to British Muslim Heritage). Leading figures of this community (US born Nuh Ha Mim Keller and Cambridge don Abdul Hakim Murad, who both produce a bulk of the articles) have grown in importance over the last decade, particularly following 9/11 and the increasing media attention given to Muslims in the West. Therefore, this website is useful to those interesting in researching discussion among British Muslims over issues relating to citizenship and jihad, articulated not only in contemporary article form, but also in the language of classical juristic and theological scholarship. Numerous video and audio resources are also available, including lectures and radio interviews. These resources deal not only with contemporary social issues, but also long-standing theological debates that are still current in modern Muslim society.


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