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Title : Pobeda. 1941-1945

Description :
Pobeda 1941-1945 is a searchable online archive of over one thousand photographs from the second world war, selected from numerous federal and regional Russian archives and presented as high-quality digitised images. The archive can be browsed thematically or searched by keyword or photograph details: date or place taken; photographer; archive number. Although there is no English-language version, the site is well constructed and easy to use, and offers a valuable resource for historians teaching and researching the second world war. Developed by the Federal Archival Service of Russia (Rosarkhiv), the archive page lists the numerous archives participating in the project, describes their relevant holdings and provides links to their websites or contact details. The catalogue page offers access to images collated thematically. Themes include: children at war; the Leningrad blockade; the liberation of Europe (subdivided geographically); the partisan movement; the battle of Stalingrad; victory over Japan; Victory Day 9 May 1945; Berlin, from war to peace; the Nuremberg process. Site contents may also be browsed by photographer ('author' in the Russian). Photographers are listed alphabetically, with biographical details where available and clickable thumbnails of their photographs. Most of the photographs are Soviet, but some are of US or German provenance. Each photograph is provided with details of: place and date taken; the subject(s) and photographer (where known); current location and archive number. A links page lists many useful and relevant websites. Site users may give feedback via a forum page. 'About the site' describes the project history and participants.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Great patriotic war; Russian front; World War Two; World War 2; Second World War; WW2; WWII

Language : rus;

Period : 20th Century (1900 - 1945);

Geographic Name : Russia; Rossiya; Europe; Soyuz Sovetskikh Sotsialisticheskikh Respublik; Soviet Union

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