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Title : Oxford expedition to Egypt

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The official website of the Oxford Expedition to Egypt (OEE) publishes information on the project, information to purchase books and the "Linacre College Oxford Expedition: Scene-details Database". The database contains drawings of scenes depicted in Egyptian art (funerary contexts) from Dynasty III to the end of Dynasty VI (First Intermediate Period) as well as basic information on their location. Chronologically the database includes the Old Kingdom. Some PDF files, a map and an index facilitate access to the information. There is also a bibliography and a glossary. The database is organised hierarchically (or pyramid-like as the authors suggest) and is easy to use. For instance, boat scenes may be found selecting "themes" and then "commerce"; similarly several dance and music scenes can be accessed accessing "themes" and then dance and then "Dance, music and games". Although the database was born out of a project published in the printed series "Egypt in Miniature", it can be used without accessing the books. Researchers in particular may find the database useful.


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