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Title : Reading for philosophical inquiry

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Reading for Philosophical Inquiry is a useful online open source introductory philosophy textbook from Lander University. The book consists of a selection of excerpts from important works of philosophy, accompanied by an introduction and study notes. The work begins by discussing the nature of philosophy, and moves on to consider philosophy of religion, ethics, and metaphysics and epistemology. Featured authors include: Plato; Aquinas; Hume; Kant; Nietzsche; Mill; Bertrand Russell; and William James. Each section is available in three formats: HTML; PDF; and MP3 files created using speech synthesis software. The book is made available for use under a GDFL licence, full details of which are given on the site, and forms part of a wider collection of introductory philosophy resources on the Lander University website.


Uncontrolled Keywords : philosophical inquiry; philosophical enquiry; introduction to philosophy; nature of philosophy; theory of knowledge

Controlled Keywords : philosophy; philosophy of religion; ethics (philosophy); metaphysics; epistemology;

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