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Title : Assia Djebar

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Dedicated to the Algerian writer, Assia Djebar, this web resource forms part of the Postcolonial Studies website of Emory State University's English Department. The main site is designed as an introduction to the major topics and issues at the heart of postcolonialism. Divided into three sections, the resource which focuses on the life and work of Djebar offers a biography; a critical and theoretical commentary on her well known work 'L'Amour, la fantasia', translated into English as 'Fantasia: An Algerian Cavalcade'; and a selected bibliography. Best known for challenging colonial and patriarchal historical discourses, Djebar employs a variety of narrative forms in her writing in order to decenter the French colonial perspective and bring to the fore the experience of women engaged in the campaign for Algerian independence. In the light of this, three aspects of Djebar's text 'L'Amour, la fantasia' are explored: the ways in which Djebar uses writing to revise colonial constructions of history; subjectivity and the experience of the 'subaltern', (a term used by Gayatri Spivak to denote marginalized and disenfranchised groups within society); and the feminist challenges Djebar makes to the dominant discourses of nationalism in Algerian society. As such, this page provides a valuable resource for both students and teachers interested or engaged in Postcolonial Studies.


Uncontrolled Keywords : Assia Djebar; Djebar; Algerian War for Independence (1954-62); Algerian literature; literary theory

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