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Title : Origins of early modern literature : recovering mid-Tudor writing for a modern readership

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'Origins of Early Modern Literature' is an online catalogue of English literary works published during the period 1519 - 1579. The aim of the AHRC-funded project that produced this database is to "redress the critical neglect of mid-Tudor writing", and to throw a spotlight onto this culturally and artistically significant era. The database can be browsed by title of work, and is also fully searchable by: title; date; subject; genre; and surname (of author, printer or dedicatee). Each record gives full bibliographic details for the publication concerned, including: composition date; publication date; site of publication; format; content; paratext; modern editions; and additional information on the text or book. This database is not designed to give comprehensive coverage of the period, and entries will continue to be added. This resource would interest book historians, as well as those researching the literature of the Tudor period.


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