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Title : Diagrams, figures and the transformation of astronomy, 14501650

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This is the website of a major five-year Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) research project, begun in October 2008. The project will examine the visual manifestations of the ways in which "...astronomy was transformed in the early-modern period through the invention of new instruments and techniques of observation, the introduction of new world systems and the integration of mathematical astronomy with natural philosophy". At May 2009 the website has details of the project team, and an extensive bibliography which has been usefully divided into themed sub-sections.


Uncontrolled Keywords : early modern; natural philosophers; Royal Academy; mathematical astronomy; heavens; globe; stars; heavenly bodies; planets; scientific revolution; scientific method; enlightenment; telescope; astronomical observations; orbits; alchemy; star catalogues

Controlled Keywords : astronomical observatories; astronomy; telescopes; astronomical charts; astronomers; astrologers; alchemists; scientists;

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