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Title : Telamon project

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The Telamon Project is hosted by the department of Classics at St Kliment Ohridski University in Sofia and aims to create an online digital library of the ancient Greek inscriptions found in Bulgaria. In total there are over 3,500 such inscriptions, dating from the 6th century BC to the 4th century AD. Geographically the particular focus is on Roman Thrace, Philippopolis and Augusta Traiana. At the time of compiling this review only a very small proportion of the inscriptions was available on the website, but this is clearly an evolving resource. Users may search for inscriptions by number, findspot, date, text category and type of monument, and for each inscription the following information is provided: the original text; an English translation; important bibliography; textual apparatus and commentary; a photograph of the inscription. This resource is of particular interest for scholars whose work focuses on Greek epigraphy, as well as for people working with the digital humanities generally, especially those interested in encoding and resource-construction.


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Period : 750 - 1 BCE; 1 BCE - 500 CE;

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