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Title : Willows magazine

Description :
This is the homepage of The Willows Magazine. Founded in 2007, it is edited by Ben Thomas and specializes in steampunk horror and neo-Victorian short stories. The name of the title refers to Algernon Blackwood's famous story, "The Willows," which serves as the model for the mood that this literary journal strives to capture as a mouthpiece for new speculative fiction and a growing cultural movement. The tone is one of historically-referenced mystery, combining antiquarian, Romantic and pre-Raphaelite influences intermingled with urban visions of enterprise, innovation and progress. The site offers information for subscribers and contributors and an outline of the periodical's standards of atmospheric horror and dark fantasy. The site also highlights the most recent issue and has an online shop, as well as links to the editor's blog and myspace pages.


Uncontrolled Keywords : neo-Victorianism; Retro-futurism; modern traditionalism; post-Postmodernism; steampunk

Controlled Keywords : Romanticism; New Romantics; Steampunk series;

Language : eng;

Period : 2000 - present;

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