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Title : Sisyphos

Description :
Sisyphos is an Internet search engine providing access only to archaeological and Egyptological websites. Similarly to Intute, the resources accessible through this website have been selected according to their scientific relevance. Sisyphos covers all aspects of Classical (Greek-Roman) Archaeology as well as the Minoan and Mycenaean civilisations; Etruscan studies; and Egyptology. In addition, the website also lists general archaeological resources (history of the subject, theories, methods, institutions, excavation techniques). The bilingual interface in German and English is effective; it is possible to search or browse the listed resources. The strength of this website is evident for its core fields of Classical Archaeology and Egyptology, and within them, the ancient art of those civilisations. The available metadata is sufficient to determine the relevancy of the resources, but there are no descriptions evidencing merits and faults of the websites or the targeted audience. It is therefore recommended to use its search facilities performing a full-text search of the included resources; it works like Google but it yields more relevant results.


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