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Title : Philosophy online

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Philosophy Online is a website offering a set of study resources for philosophy students. The site covers two key texts, Descartes' 'Meditations' and Nietzsche's 'Beyond Good and Evil', plus three themes: theory of knowledge; philosophy of religion; and philosophy of mind. Annotated versions of the texts are offered, plus summaries, study questions, and links for further reading suggestions. The thematic sections are divided into a number of sub-topics, each of which provides a brief overview of the main concepts and ideas. At time of review, some sections were still under construction. This site is structured around the AQA A level philosophy syllabus, but would also be of use to university students approaching these topics for the first time.


Uncontrolled Keywords : philosophy of mind; theory of knowledge; Meditations; Beyond Good and Evil; annotated texts; study resources

Controlled Keywords : philosophy; epistemology; philosophy of religion; pi7545; pi3018

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