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Title : Afghanistan : hidden treasures from the National Museum, Kabul

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The 'Afghanistan: hidden treasures from the National Museum, Kabul' website was published to accompany an exhibition of the same title, held at the National Gallery of Art, Washington DC from 25 May to 7 September, 2008, in association with the National Geographic Society and the Asian Art Museum, San Francisco. The exhibition explored the cultural significance of over 200 artefacts that were discovered in a vault under the Presidential Palace in Kabul in 2004, and which are now the property of the National Museum of Afghanistan. Drawn from four archaeological sites and "ranging in date from 2200 BC to AD 200, the objects present a rich mosaic of Afghanistan's cultural heritage." The website features an introductory video, maps with images and video clips of sculpture and jewellery, a timeline of treasures, and extensive related material from National Geographic. The timeline divides the objects by the following archaeological sites: Tepe Fullol (2200 BC-1900 BC); Balkh (600 BC-300 BC); Ai Khanum (300 BC-146 BC); Tillya Tepe (100 BC-1st century AD); and Begram (1 AD-200 AD).


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Period : 3000 - 1500 BCE; 1500 - 750 BCE; 750 - 1 BCE; 1 BCE - 500 CE

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