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Title : Free-minds : discover true Islam

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Free-minds, a website run by the organisation Progressive Muslims, is designed to introduce the beliefs, texts and practices of Islam to people of all faiths. It includes a translation of the Qur'an by the organisation; a series of articles on various topics; reviews and excerpts from recent books about Islam; and a special section on women in Islam. The articles include topics such as: God and Islam in general; Hadith; the Prophet; money and economy; politics; Qur'anic laws and behaviour; Satan; science; and history and archaeology. The section on women covers divorce, dress, polygamy, and other topics related to women's status in Islam. The articles are by a variety of authors and are intended to present a 'progressive' view of Islam. The site is appropriate for students and researchers at all levels, but will perhaps be most useful as an introduction to Islam and to current debates about Islamic practice.


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