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Title : Islam today

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Islam today is a website under the direction of the Saudi cleric Sheikh Salman al-Oadah (Salmān al-‘Awdah). It is available in English, Arabic, French and Chinese, with some differences in content. The English site provides: an introduction to Islam; an online library with downloadable versions of Sheikh al-Oadah's books; a fatwa archive; and a collection of articles by the Sheikh and others on various topics, including interpretations of verses from the Qur'an or specific Hadith texts. The fatwa archive is organised by topic, and takes the form of questions submitted by users and answers by Sheikh al-Oadah and others. Although much of the site is intended for a Muslim audience seeking answers to questions about Islamic beliefs and practice, the 'discover Islam' section provides introductory articles on various topics. The site contains resources that will be of interest to students and researchers in Islamic Studies at all levels, and could be used to explore current debates about Islamic practice.


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