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The Islam Online website, run by Al Jazeera Publishing in Dubai, provides news and other content related to Islam for a Muslim and non-Muslim audience. The majority of the site is devoted to news articles on the Muslim world and the Middle East, with particular sections focused on Islamic banking and other business news. The site also includes some news in Arabic. The Spotlight on Islam section provides content related more directly to Islam and Islamic practice, including: commentaries on specific verses from the Qur'an and the Hadith; explanations of fatwas on various topics; and articles on the hajj and other topics like prayer, fasting, and the position of women. This section also includes over 80 brief profiles of prominent Muslims, from the time of the Prophet through medieval Islam and to the present day. The sections on Islam unfortunately do not include a topic index or clear indications of the authors of the articles, but still provide information that will be of interest to students as introductory sources on Islam and Islamic practice.


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