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Title : Tariq Ramadan

Description :
The official website of Tariq Ramadan, a well-known European Muslim scholar and public intellectual, provides information on Ramadan and his work as well as other articles and resources related to Islam and Muslims in the West. The site includes: a brief biography; recent and upcoming events listings; descriptions and reviews of Ramadan's books; links to a large number of his articles in academic and mainstream journals; and a good number of audio and video files of Ramadan's lectures, debates and media appearances. It also includes articles by other authors about Ramadan or about issues related to Islam in the West. Although the focus of the site is on the political, intellectual and social questions related to the presence of Muslim populations in Europe and the United States, the site also includes a 'spirituality' section that focuses more on religious questions. This will be a useful source for students and researchers at all levels with an interest in contemporary Islam in Europe and the United States.


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