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Title : University of Cambridge Islamic society

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This is the homepage of the Islamic Society at the University of Cambridge (ISOC). The organisation aims to serve as a focal point for Muslim students at the university and for Muslims who live in or near Cambridge. It has over 600 members, both Muslims and non-Muslims. It organises many events which are open to the public like Guest Lecture series and the Islamic Awareness Week. The site should therefore be of interest to students of religion from other universities as well. This homepage also contains weekly newswire links to numerous news sources on human rights concerns around the world; information on prayer times and how to join their mailing list. Viewers are also allowed access to past (since Winter 2004) and present copies of ISOC's Magazine, Ar-Risaalah. This termly publication is made available in PDF, hence requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded free of charge from the site.


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