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Title : Salaam

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The Salaam website is a valuable resource for information about Islam in general as well as about Islam and Muslims in Britain. Much of the site is devoted to links and services for the British Muslim community, including: mosque and halal restaurant locators; listings for jobs, events and charities; and an interactive advice section. The rest of the site provides information appropriate to academic and general audiences, including an extensive news section as well as articles on various topics.

Academic audiences will be most interested in the Knowledge section of the site, which provides generally well-sourced articles on different themes including: hajj; Islamic finance; Islamic art; Muslims in the West; specific Muslim countries; and Islam and science. It also includes a searchable biographical dictionary with over 2300 entries. An excellent section on Muslims in Britain includes articles on: the history of Islam in the UK; public recognition of Muslims; defining events; demographics; and politics. It also provides links to a number of books and reports on the topic. The site is a good source for students looking for basic information on Islam in general and on Muslims in Britain, as well as for researchers interested in current debates related to Islam in the West.


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